Northern Underground Record Lauch Party

Fredag d. 7. juni — Facebook-arrangement

Musik fra Sonny, CK, Doc Jay, Gooch, DJ Popup and Hayden

Klub Primi

Tirsdag d. 11. juni – Facebook-arrangement

Music from the art collective Post Drefing – Reykjavik

Torsdag d. 13. juni – Facebook-arrangement

Klub Primi

Tirsdag d. 18. juni – Facebook-arrangement

Percussive Outreach Programme SuMMeR SuMmiT 2019

Torsdag d. 20. juni – Facebook-arrangement

Anders Vestergaard – Flemming Slette AKA Sad Star and Miq AKA D/O Ripper D’or (Sufie Elmgreen + Oliver Laumann) – G·Bop Orchestra (SIX DRUMMER FORMATION). + Special Quests. A night celebrating percusion.

Klub Primi

Tirsdag d. 2. juli – Facebook-arrangement

Klub Primi’ last show before the summer break. Don’t miss it!

Copenhagen Jazz Festival – Horse Orchestra

Søndag. 7. juli – Facebook-arrangement

We kick off the Jazz Festial program at H15 Scene with this future supergroup. “1920s New Orleans meet 1960s free jazz as well as hip-hop and modern classical music”

Copenhagen Jazz Festival –
KAT Modiano Elecrtoacoustic

Søndag. 8. juli – Facebook-arrangement

Copenhagen Jazz Festival – Cubop feat. Al Agami

Søndag. 9. juli – Facebook-arrangement

Cubop plays music that appeals to both jazz aficionados and latin- and salsa lovers alike.

Copenhagen Jazz Festival – Kind of Soul.

Søndag. 10-12. juli – Facebook-arrangement h

Kind of Soul invites you to 3 nights of concerts and jam sessions with a impressive list of musicians. Ranging from jazz, afro, soul, latin and funk.

Copenhagen Jazz Festival – Nebula

Søndag. 13. juli – Facebook-arrangement

We close our Copenhagen Jazz Festival program with the fabulous Nebula crew 3rd event at H15 Scene. The other events have been nothing short of legendary and we expect more of the same.